Wheat DDGS, also called as Wheat Distillers Grains, are derived when the alcohol is extracted from wheat grain. Wheat DDGS feed, being rich in protein, is considered as one of the primary nutritional sources for poultry, fish and cattle.

Rishaan enterprises also deals in wheat which is discarded and is declared not fit for human consumption by FCI (Food Corporation of India ) but is fit to be used as feed for cattle and poultry industry. Rishaan enterprises is enlisted as approved purchaser by FCI to lift the above mentioned wheat termed as Feed II and Feed III category of wheat. Rishaan Enterprises Participate in such Tenders/auctions of wheat which are floated all over India by different grain procurement agencies all over India like in Punjab it is PUNGRAIN which float tender and similarly in Haryana they are Haryana agro or Hafed e.t.c Likewise there are agencies of all the state govt. all over India which procure wheat from farmer and similarly float the tender of Feed II and feed III category of Wheat which is declared Unfit for Human consumption but is a very good and economical option to be used for Cattle feed and Poultry feed industry.

The Annual assessment done by FCI to lift the above mentioned wheat of Rishaan Enterprises is 7500 MT , i.e Rishaan Enterprises is authorise to lift such quality of wheat from anywhere in India with the maximum limit of 7500 mt/year.

The procurement of wheat is mainly done mainly from Punjab & Haryana agencies as Punjab and Haryana are considered wheat bowls of INDIA ; the Name of such agencies are :

  • Punjab Grains Procurement Corporation Ltd. (PUNGRAIN)
  • Punjab State Warehousing Corporation
  • Punjab State Cooperative Supply & Marketing Federation LTD (MARKFED)
  • Punjab Agro Foodgrain Corporation LTD
  • Punjab State Civil Supplies Corporation LTD. (PUNSUP)
  • Haryana Agro Industries
  • The Haryana State Cooperative Supply & Marketing Federation Ltd (HAFED)
  • Haryana Warehousing Corporation
  • Food & Supplies Department