DDGS & Gluten Feed Suppliers In Uttar Pradesh

Rishaan Enterprises is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cattle, fish and poultry feed in Uttar Pradesh. Our superior DDGS and gluten feed is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, which can help to maintain the health of your livestock. Proteins, fibre and other nutrients present in DDGS feed make them a smart choice for cattle owners. The feed is used by poultry farms owners to meet the dietary needs of their animals. Fish farm owners use the feed and dietary supplement and a way to boost the immunity.

Nutritious Cattle & Fish Feed In Uttar Pradesh

At Rishaan Enterprises, we supply premium quality feed which is specifically formulated to keep your cattle, fish and poultry animals free from diseases and infections. Our products undergo a strict quality check process before being delivered into the market. Therefore, you can count on us for improving your animals’ health and increasing their reproductivity.

For more information about our products offered in Uttar Pradesh, call at 0173 – 3256056.