DDGS & Rice Gluten Manufacturer In Telangana

Rishaan Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of DDGS feed in Telangana. Our feeds are extensively utilized by cattle, fish and poultry farm owners across the state, to meet nutritional requirements of their animals. The products are carefully accessed and tested before being sent to the market. Thus, you can be you can rest assured of the quality. Special attention is laid towards packaging of the product to safeguard it against external contamination and maintain its nutritional value.

Feed Products Offered In Telangana:

  • Rice DDGS
  • Rice Gluten
  • Maize Gluten
  • Corn DDGS
  • Corn Gluten

To know more about how our DDGS and gluten feed can benefit your Telangana based livestock farm, call at 0173 – 325 6056.