Manufacturer Of Rice & Corn DDGS Feed In Tamil Nadu

For the finest quality of DDGS and gluten feed in Tamil Nadu , contact Rishaan Enterprises. Being a subsidiary of Radha group of companies, we have built a strong reputation in the industry. Our products are recognised for their nutritional content and other health benefits they offer.

Products Supplied In Tamil Nadu –

  • Rice DDGS – The feed is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Yeast enzyme present is the feed increases the level of productivity in livestock.
  • Corn DDGS – The feed is a great source of protein and fat and is used to feed livestock, fish and poultry animals.
  • Maize Gluten – The product has more total digestible nutrient (TDN) content. It is rich in proteins and is used to feed livestock as well as poultry animals.
  • Rice Gluten – It is an enriched source of protein for cattle, fish and poultry animals. Low amylase content in the feed makes it easily digestible.

You can count on us for health and nutritional requirements of your cattle, fish and poultry animals. For more information about our products offered in Tamil Nadu, you can call at 0173 – 3256056.