Rice Gluten Manufacturer & Supplier North India

Rishaan Enterprises is a premier manufacturer and supplier of Rice Gluten for cattle, fish and poultry feed in North India. We are Barwala (Haryana) based manufacturer of Rice Gluten which is a highly nutritional feed rich in proteins and vitamins.

What is Rice Gluten?

Mainly derived from DDGS, rice gluten is widely used in the livestock feed industry. It is the most preferred nutritional source for the livestock that are allergic to corn and wheat gluten. Rice gluten is a byproduct of the distillation process of germs and starch from rice. This is done by a procedure known as ‘wet milling.’

Minimum 45%
Less than 10%
Ether Extracts (Fats)
More than 2%
Less than 2%
Less than 7%
Aflatoxin B1
Less then 20 PPB


Rice Gluten Feed for Livestock

Rice Gluten is a sticky feed having high protein and low amylase content. It has a high nutritional value and is much easier to digest than other livestock feeds. The moisture content in rice gluten is less than 10 per cent. The feed is rich in amino acids and is extremely beneficial for the health of the livestock. As a leading rice gluten manufacturer and supplier in India, we make sure that our feed products are hygienically packed without any adulteration. It is widely used by the farmers across Barwala and other parts of North India due to its extended shelf life.

Why Rishaan Enterprises for Rice Gluten?

Rice gluten, manufactured by Rishaan Enterprises is specially formulated to keep your livestock in good health and is the complete nutritional requirement for cattle, fish and poultry. It keeps them away from viruses and provides them with essential vitamins. We have a huge clientele base across India. The demand for our top quality rice gluten feed has increased exponentially internationally and domestically.

To Know more about our Rice Gluten feed, call us or send us an email at info@rishaanfeeds.com

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