Rice Gluten, DDGS & Fish Feed Manufacturers In Punjab

Rishaan Enterprises is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of DDGS feed in Punjab. We have built a strong reputation in the animal feed market and our company is one of the most trusted names in this industry. Our main aim is to provide superior feed for poultry farms, cattle and fish farms across the state.

Feed Products Supplied In Punjab:

  • Rice Gluten – We provide high-quality rice gluten to cattle, fish and poultry farms. The feed is rich in plant-based proteins and is an ideal source of nutrients for animals with wheat or corn allergies.
  • Rice DDGS –Rice DDGS supplied by our company is a favoured choice of our clients in Punjab. The feed not only increases the productivity of cattle, but also prevents fish against infections.
  • Maize Gluten – This type of feed is a rich source of proteins, pigments and energy for livestock, fish and poultry animals.
  • Corn DDGS – A good source of proteins and fats, Corn DDGS feed is used to meet the health requirements of cattle, fish and poultry animals.

To order high quality DDGS feed for your farm in Punjab, contact Rishaan Enterprises at 0173 – 325 6056.