Leading Cattle Feed Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh

Rishaan Enterprises is a renowned DDGS/gluten feed manufacturer serving cattle, fish and poultry farms in Madhya Pradesh. Our company is one of the subsidiaries of Radha Group of Companies, founded by late Shri. Radha Ram Goyal in the year 1932. We aim to cater every dietary need of domesticated animals including poultry and fish.

We offer a wide range of feed products, such as rice DDGS, corn DDGS, rice gluten and maize gluten which are a rich source of nutrients for cattle, fish and poultry animals. Rice DDGS contains yeast enzyme which enhances the metabolism productivity of the cattle. It is also known to increase the quality of egg yolk and improve immunity of fish. Our gluten feeds are enriched with proteins and are preferred choice of cattle owners across Madhya Pradesh.

High Quality DDGS & Gluten Feed Supplier In Madhya Pradesh

With our products, you can rest assured of providing the best quality feed to your cattle, fish and poultry animals. We are a leading supplier of DDGS feed across the state and strive to provide products which are hygienic and free from contamination. Our products undergo a thorough quality check before being sent to the market.

If you want to know more about our cattle and fish feed products offered in Madhya Pradesh, call 0173 – 325 6056.