DDGS Feed Manufacturers & Suppliers In India

DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles), a co-product of the process of creation of ethanol, is a highly nutritious livestock feed. DDGS is a derived as a residue after the starch is fermented with certain enzymes and yeast in order to yield carbon dioxide and ethanol.

Available from 40 to 60%
Less than 10%
Sand Silica
Less than 3%

The Product in which Rishaan Enterprises deals are:

  1. DDGS (Sun-Dry)
  2. DDGS (Plant –Dry)
  3. Rice Gluten
  4. DRB
  5. Wheat supplied to cattle feeds(Feed-II)
  6. Wheat supplied to Poultry farms(Feed-III)


Advantages of DDGS Feed/ Rice Gluten

Distillers grains (DDGS / Rice Gluten) are used to replace soybean meal as well as corn in livestock and poultry rations. Animal nutritionists typically use amino acid content, protein, energy, mineral content and other factors in balancing rations. The cost of feed manufactured reduces exponentially by using DDGS as protein and energy source, thereby increasing the profitability of farms and animal feed industry.

DDGS feed is dried out with the undiluted thin stillage to around 10 to 12 per cent of moisture. Due to the extended shelf life of DDGS/ Rice Gluten, the feed can be conveniently dispatched to almost any part of India or overseas. The DDGS is not only rich source of protein but is also a very good source of energy and oils which helps in fast growth of animal.