Corn DDGS Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Rishaan Enterprises is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Corn DDGS. We provide our customers with protein and fat rich corn DDGS feed for their livestock. Our nutrient-rich and hygienically produced feeds are highly appreciated by the clients who consider our products best for their livestock.

What is Corn DDGS?

Corn DDGS is a nutritious by-product of dry-milling process of ethanol production. Due to its high fat content, the product is widely accepted and utilized as a feed for cattle, fish as well as poultry animals. A well formulated DDGS diet is known to improve the quality of egg and meat. As premier manufacturers and suppliers of Corn DDGS, we make sure that you get the most nutritive feed for your livestock.

Corn DDGS Composition (TABLE)
28 – 30%
5 – 6%
18 – 20%


Benefits of Corn DDGS

  • Source of crude protein and fibre
  • Can be used as a substitute for soya oil cakes
  • Improves digestibility in cattle

Why Choose Rishaan Enterprises?

Having an experience of over 80 years in the industry, we provide premium quality DDGS feed for cattle, fish and poultry farm owners across India. Our products are known for their high nutritional value and health benefits they offer to fish, cattle as well as poultry animals. You can choose from an array of DDGS feeds manufactured by Rishaan Enterprises, the leading manufacturers and suppliers of DDGS feeds all across India.

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