DDGS Suppliers in Bihar

We, at Rishaan Enterprises, offer high quality rice gluten, maize gluten, corn DDGS and rice DDGS feeds in Bihar. Our products are hygienically packed and free from contamination, so you can rest assured of your animal’s optimum health.

Industries Served:

  • Poultry Farms – We provide corn DDGS feed to the poultry farms across Bihar. The feed is a rich source of crude protein, amino acids, phosphorus and other nutrients required in poultry diet.
  • Cattle Industries – Gluten and DDGS feeds are a preferred choice of cattle owners due the several health benefits it offers. The probiotic-rich feed is easy to digest and filled with nutrition.
  • Fish Farms – The feeds are preferred by most of the fish farm owners across the state, due to its high nutritional value and tendency to fight from infections.

To order rice gluten, maize gluten, corn DDGS and other feed products for your farm in Bihar, call at 0173 – 3256056.