Rishaan enterprises is one of the subsidiaries of Radha Group Of Companies; founded by late Sh. Radha Ram Goyal in year 1932, and subsequently looked after by Sh. Bihari Lal Goyal, further now the Command has been handed over to Sh. Laxman Goyal and his Son Sh. Amandeep Goyal. The group as on today is in the field of food, steel, chemical, fertilizers, and oils. The combined turnover of the group at present is 100 crores with the yearly forecast of achievable growth of 30% annually.

Rishaan Enterprises was started with the main idea to produce/market feeds for poultry farms and cattle feed industry. The main product which has been introduced as well as produced is protein rich supplement diet namely DDGS (Dried distillers Grain in Solubles) & Rice Gluten replacing traditional source of protein available in the market mainly soybean, mustard, GNE and other protein rich diets.

In India, the Rice Gluten & DDGS Feed found its acceptability only in last 2-3 years but in America and other developed countries the product has received vast level of acceptability and is used extensively in animal feed industry. Although Rice Gluten has replaced 50% market of proteins and, is now used freely on recommendations from research and scholars.

The idea to introduce DDGS product was to provide a better substitute of protein at reduced rates so that the overall cost of feed manufactured gets reduced and the profitability of farms as well as cattle feed industry increases; ultimately reducing the cost of finished products.