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Rishaan Feeds is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cattle, fish and poultry feed in India. We take pride in being the leading supplier and manufacturer of Rice Gluten in India. We also supply finest quality DDGS feeds for your livestock that helps in maintaining their health. The Rice Gluten and DDGS feed manufactured and supplied by us has high nutritional value. Our product has adequate proportion of proteins that makes it better than any other feed available in the market.

DDGS (Dried Distillers Grain in Soluble) / Rice Gluten / Rice DDGS is a protein rich diet that has replaced majority of the protein diets in market that includes soya bean, Mustard, GNE and similar items. Proteins, fibre and minerals present in DDGS Cattle Feed makes it a smart choice for cattle that gives them higher energy. DDGS Fish Feed makes the fish immune to infections and diseases. Corn DDGS / Rice Gluten feed is coming up as most desired livestock feed.

Our Products

  • Poultry Feed

    Poultry Feed

    We supply poultry feed to prominent poultry farms. Our feed is not only rich in essential nutrients but is also easy to digest and is very reasonable in comparison to traditional feed supplies.
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  • Poultry Feed

    Cattle Feed

    We manufacture high nutrition DDGS feed / Rice Gluten for Cattle which is rich in cereals and residual yeast proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is excellent source of digestible protein and provides necessary energy for Cattle.
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  • Poultry Feed

    Fish Feed

    We supply high nutrition feed / Rice Gluten for Fish farms which is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Our Fish Feed products are well balanced and are cost effective alternates to traditional Fish feed supplies.
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Our Products

Rice Gluten: We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Rice Gluten in India. Rice Gluten is high on protein, making it ideal for livestock allergic to corn and wheat. It has low amylase content and is thus easy to digest. Rice Gluten has high amount of amino acids and added vitamins and is quintessential for fulfilling the nutritive requirements of livestock.

Wheat DDGS: DDGS Wheat feed is the by-product of distillation of alcohol from wheat grains. Wheat DDGS has high protein content which is considered ideal for feeding cattle, poultry and fish. Apart from being Wheat DDGS manufacturers and suppliers, we also deal in wheat that has been discarded as unfit for human consumption but is suitable for feeding livestock.

Bajra Feed: Bajra contains high protein and lipid content as compared to corn and grain sorghum. It is a potential feedstock for states where there is unavailability of corn and grain sorghum. The poultry feed given to poultry birds is a mixture of 7-8 ingredients and has 50% Bajra constituents. We are notable manufacturers and suppliers of Bajra Feed throughout India and ensure that you get the best feed for your livestock.

Maize Gluten: Rishaan Enterprises is the premier Maize Gluten manufacturer and supplier in India. Highly appreciated by their clients who own livestock, the feed is an ideal diet for cattle, fish and poultry. Maize Gluten is a by- product of maize purifying process and has sufficient proportion of protein, starch, fibre and other nutrients.

Corn Gluten: Corn Gluten feed manufactured by Rishaan Enterprises is rich in phosphorous and contains digestible fibre. It is used as feed by poultry, fish and cattle industries across India. Corn Gluten feed is high on nutritional value and contains significant amount of amino acids.

Rice DDGS: Rishaan Enterprises are manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality Rice DDGS, which is gaining popularity owing to the health benefits it offers to the livestock. The probiotic factor present in the feed improves the productivity of animals. Rice DDGS can also be used as a substitute to soya oil cakes.

Maize DDGS: Maize DDGS is easily digestible and is used to feed cattle, poultry animals and fish. Rishaan Enterprises, a leading manufacturer and supplier of Maize DDGS produce feeds which are rich in potassium and have sufficient amount of vitamins, particularly riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid and choline which help in maintaining the health of your domesticated animals.

Corn DDGS: Corn DDGS is a by- product of dry- milling process of ethanol production. It has high fat content which is why Corn DDGS is widely used as feed for cattle, fish and poultry animals. Rishaan Enterprises is a pan India manufacturer and supplier of Corn DDGS.

DDGS Feed Products

Rishaan Enterprises manufactures and supplies feed Rice Gluten which is high on biological value and nutrition. The feeds are hygienically packed here and any contamination of the Rice Gluten or DDGS feed is avoided. Our feed products provide essential proteins, vitamins and nutrients to your livestock and greatly improve their health. Using Rice Gluten/ DDGS feed helps balance the ration which increases the profitability of farmers and animal feed industry.

Our head office is located in Barwala, Haryana from where we manufacture and supply DDGS feeds to distilleries using standard drying techniques. We also supply Rice Gluten to Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Namakkal, Coimbatore, Latur, Kolkatta and other parts of India.

About Us

  • Top Quality DDGS Feed
  • Leading Rice Gluten Manufacturer & Supplier in India
  • Feed supply for Cattle, Fish and Poultry
  • Prominent Manufacturer & Suppliers of DDGS in region
  • Wheat Feed Grade –II & III
  • Bajra for poultry farms.

Latest News

  • Rice Gluten DDGS feed is the being recognized as best source of essential nutrients and energy for livestock.
  • International and domestic demand for Rice Gluten & DDGS feed increases exponentially in 2013.